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Visual Effects

More than eighteen years of production experience has allowed us to fully integrate creativity within a world class VFX pipeline. Whether working for features or episodic, our projects take a seamless journey through the studio from concept to final shot delivery thanks to our creative leadership, skilled artists and innovative tech.

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Masters in CG creatures, virtual humans, simulations, set extensions, blood and body work, our studios boast experienced in-house supervisors, who guide the visual effects elements of a show from concept to delivery. The process begins with breaking down scripts, envisioning the methodology and planning the visual effects shoots, through to supervising on set and delivering the final work.

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With feature film credits including Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Captive State, Kingsman: The Secret Service and boasting television credits such as The Innocents (Netflix), Black Mirror (Netflix), Outlander (Left Bank Pictures) and Neanderthal: Meet Your Ancestors (VIX PIX Productions/BBC2), clients know their work is in experienced hands.

Jellyfish Pictures were our secret weapon. They were right on the frontline with us in post, always going the extra mile. Their artistry and incredibly efficient approach to VFX allowed me to constantly experiment and find new cinematic approaches to any shot.
Gareth Edwards, Director, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
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