We pride ourselves on staying at the vanguard of technology in the visual effects and animation industry. Committed to investing in the most cutting-edge cloud technology, we are truly living in a virtual world, with all five of our studios housing no hardware onsite, enabling flexible and efficient working.

Jellyfish Pictures is a standout player in an incredibly creative, competitive and fast paced industry. Through their adoption of Microsoft Azure High-Performance Computing (HPC), Jellyfish is gaining a significant advantage by being able to bid on bigger jobs, better meet deadlines - all while reducing their capital and labour costs.
Cindy Rose, CEO, Microsoft UK
Cooper Building 2
Oval Studio

Our close relationships with Microsoft Azure, Nvidia, Teradici, AMD and other key tech companies has enabled Jellyfish Pictures to achieve its vision in becoming one of the most technologically innovative companies in the world. We are able to break through the fourth wall with our on-demand burst rendering to the cloud, providing us with the capability to render an infinite number of frames, scale up and down to meet our needs with our virtual studios and workstations and collaborate with the world’s best artists wherever they are based.

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... we are innovating in building one of the best-in-class frameworks for creating intelligence and computational rendering. But it's not just limited to CPUs. We now have the best-in-class GPU virtual machine support in Azure. You already see developers like Jellyfish Pictures using it for computational rendering.
Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft