Inner fish Trithelodont

Your Inner Fish

PBS / Tangled Bank
3 x 60 minute documentary series
Release Date
April 2014

Using fossils, embryos, genes and CGI, educate audiences how human bodies are the surprising legacy of ancient fish, reptiles and primates.

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How did your body become the complicated, quirky, amazing machine it is today? Anatomist Neil Shubin uncovers the answers in this three-part series for PBS which takes a new look at human evolution.

Over the course of a year, our team at Jellyfish Pictures collaborated with the filmmakers, Windfall Films and Tangled Bank Productions, to create a magical blend of 3D creature graphics and playful 2D animation, all held together with Jellyfish Pictures' coherent and distinctive art direction.

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Since its broadcast, Your Inner Fish has gone on to great critical acclaim and win numerous awards, including top prizes at the EMMY News and Doc for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction, Jackson Hole Science and Media awards and a special jury prize at the Wildscreen Festival, where the jury described it as ‘The most engaging exploration of evolution since Life on Earth.’

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Your inner fish

News & Doc Emmy Winner

Outstanding Art Direction and Graphic Design