Windowmaker 04 Cropped The widowmaker


Oxford Films
Title Sequence
Release Date
27th February 2015

To creatively direct the title sequence for investigative documentary The Widowmaker. A documentary looking at the unexplored and unrevealed truth to cardiac arrest prevention by America’s medical industry.

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The documentary unearths a chilling tale of greed, ego and conspiracy of the silence surrounding one of America’s biggest killers - cardiac arrest. Creative Director Tom Brass and his team worked collaboratively with The Widowmaker director, Patrick Forbes, ensuring the title sequence encapsulated the tone and aesthetic of the whole film.

Focusing on the conflict between blood and money our team constructed an idea of using two visual strands that play off each other. The first strand would be extreme close-ups of medical instruments; heart disease pills and all the apparatus that keeps a patient alive. These images contrasted with shots from deep inside the human body, showing the territory that the medical equipment is trying to save.

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In the design stages of the titles, these original elements were met with ideas of optical phenomena like light bleed, flickering bulb filaments, after-image and shallow depth of field. Things like extreme, claustrophobic close-ups and twitchy, one-axis camera movements with zooms and focus corrections suggested themselves right from the start, a sense of focused scrutiny being inline with a documentary of this nature.

The medical apparatus strands were filmed as if they were on a lightbox to give it a sense of clinical examination and obsessive focus. The camera was designed to move like that of a microfiche machine, making the camera feel like a mechanical inquisitor, dispassionately interrogating its subject. The camera for the human body strands was calm and suspended, in stark contrast to the anxious energy of the lightbox shots.