White Lines

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To deliver suspenseful VFX sequences in Netflix's show 'White Lines' the latest production from Alex Pina, Producer of the renowned Netflix drama 'Money Heist'.

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The eagerly anticipated new series from Producer, Alex Pina the creator of Netflix’s most-watched, non-English language series Money Heist, arrived on Netflix mid-May. The dark murder mystery series White Lines has been one-to-watch, hitting the number one most-watched show in the UK on Netflix since its release.

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To give you even more reason to watch the whodunnit drama, Jellyfish Pictures is one of the VFX vendors who provided various work for the Netflix series, including sky, rain and lightning replacement work.

In true Pina style, each episode gears up the suspense leaving you sitting through the Netflix ‘Next Episode’ timer. The 10-episode series follows a Manchester woman (Laura Haddock, Guardians of the Galaxy) as she travels to Ibiza to uncover the truth about the mysterious death of her brother, a famous DJ who vanished a decade earlier. Along the way, she encounters old friends and falls into old habits.

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