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When Whales Walked

Two hour documentary special
Release Date
19th June 2019

Using motion graphics and CGI, effectively show the origins of species we know today by investigating their ancestors spanning over 60 million years.

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On ‘When Whales Walked’ we beautifully executed 3D Graphics and CGI to bring our planet’s greatest creatures to life. The two-hour film shadows top scientists from across the globe in tracking clues and records of fossils to unveil evolutionary stories of these incredible beasts and the responsibility humans need to take. The film takes viewers on a journey with scientists from Abu Dhabi to Argentina, Kenya to China, discovering the evolutionary secrets and debunking myths of crocodiles, birds, elephants and walking whales.

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When whales walked

For this project, our creative team worked extremely close with the palaeontologists and scientists to achieve a realistic end result for these never before seen creatures. The team of 3D animators studied extensively other living animals that had similar traits to replicate authentic animation of the animal's movements and behaviours. Our 3D artists took inspiration from different national parks in the USA to references the habitats of the creatures. This proved to be a challenging project for the entire team from production all the way through to our 3D artists, but an extremely rewarding one that has led to a beautiful collection of work.

We thoroughly enjoyed our work with PBS in producing 3D Graphics and CGI of these majestic beings using scientific research and a little imagination. Enhancing the unique adventure for the viewers to millions of years ago.