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The Duke of Burgundy

Rook Films
Feature film
Release Date
3rd December 2015

Deliver all visual effects for Peter Strickland's Duke of Burgundy, with the main body of work focusing on various different species of CGI moths.

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Jellyfish Pictures were approached by Andy Starke and Rook Films to complete all visual effects for The Duke of Burgundy, director, Peter Strickland’s eagerly anticipated follow up to ‘Berberian Sound Studio’ and ’Katalin Varga’. Strickland’s latest title is a dark melodrama, which follows an intense relationship between two women, starring Sidse Babett Knudsen as Cynthia and Chiara D’Anna as Evelyn.

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Both female protagonists have an interest in the study of lepidopterology (the study of moths and butterflies), the title refers to the Duke of Burgundy (Hamaearis Lucina) butterfly and is a consistent theme throughout the film. Out team was tasked with populating the film with various different moths that are at the heart of the complex and obsessive relationship between the two central characters.

In one dream-like sequence in the film, the character Evelyn is blindfolded and walks down a long corridor shot, and she becomes surrounded by moths until the frame becomes filled with a montage of moths.

Jellyfish Pictures Portfolio Duke of Burgundy 02