Challenger Hurt

The Challenger

Feature film
Release Date
12th May 2013

Complete over 50 high end visual effects shots to bring to life the true story of American scientist, Richard Feynman and his journey to uncovering the truth behind the Challenger space shuttle.

Jelyfish Pictures Portfolio The Challenger 02
Jelyfish Pictures Portfolio The Challenger 01

The Challenger is a feature film based on the story of the legendary American scientist, Richard Feynman played by Oscar-winning William Hurt. The factual drama follows the protagonist in his determination to uncover the truth behind the disaster of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle. Jellyfish Pictures were tasked on this BBC production for BBC Two and produced over 50 high-end visual effect shots.

Jelyfish Pictures Portfolio The Challenger 05 Jelyfish Pictures Portfolio The Challenger 06

Jellyfish Pictures created several environments to give the film scale, reality and drama – including reproducing the cavernous interior of NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building, in which the Challenger shuttle was constructed, and the Rocket Testing Facility. Live-action footage of the shuttle launch pad, Marshall space centre, rocket booster, rocket test and recovery hangar were used to create ‘invisible’ VFX.