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Tandey's War

Short film
Release Date
September 2013

Using animation, tell the emotive story of First World War veteran, Henry Tandey, in a short film for the BBC History Department.

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Jellyfish Pictures creatively produced the entire process, from storyboards to finished edit, under the direction of creative lead, Tom Brass. To convey a sense of realism to the animation, the team chose to use the technique of rotomation – a process that involves shooting real actors in a studio and then animating over their performance frame by frame. The final piece blended live-action, traditional cell animation and 3D animation to create a rich and atmospheric world.

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The short film tells the story of the beloved British War Veteran, Henry Tandey. The tale takes viewers on a dark journey back to Tandey’s memories of World War One, when on the frontline he makes the decision to spare the life of a young German, unbeknownst to him that young German was Adolf Hitler.

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The story left Tandey with a sickening sense of guilt as he lived through the Second World War, witnessing the terrible acts Hitler inflicted on millions of people. Even though the evidence is unproven the claims had a deep effect on Tandey’s reputation and life. This melancholy and uneasy tone weaves itself throughout the film through the chosen animation.