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Stan & Gran

Jellyfish Originals
Visual Development

To develop a world and characters for Jellyfish Originals', Stan & Gran.

S G stan expressions
S G gran expressions

Stan & gran is a heart-warming and funny mystery busting adventure series for upper pre-schoolers. It charts the adventures of 7-year-old Stan, an avid birdwatcher and intrepid explorer, and his fun-loving, dynamic Gran as together they investigate the strange goings-on in the coastal village of Porthole. This series celebrates the unbreakable bond children have with their grandparents and the power and positivity of learning, loving and living life to the full through intergenerational friendships.

S G LARA hud

With original artwork conceived by artist Daz Butcher, our art department has honed and adapted the original concepts to work in a CG environment.

SG surftwins
S G gran outfit kv
SG grumble heads