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Spirit Untamed

DreamWorks Animation
90 Minute Feature Film
Release Date

Trusted with a beloved DrewamWorks Animation brand, deliver a feature animation from assets to final delivery.

In 2019, Jellyfish Pictures embarked on its first feature animation and the company’s second production with DreamWorks Animation.

Spirit Untamed tells the story of Lucky Prescott, whose life is changed forever when she moves from the city to a small frontier town where she makes lifelong friends and meets a kindred spirit in a wild mustang, Spirit.

The film is jam packed with beautiful vistas, flowing manes, fast action scenes, crowds and emotion. In short, a great complex project for the Jellyfish team to get their teeth stuck into. Starting work in late 2019, the team worked on over 1300 shots, working from the asset stage through to final delivery.

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