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Spillover - Ebola, Zika and Beyond

PBS / Tangled Bank
Release Date
3rd August 2016

To illustrate the harrowing story of the Ebola crisis using photo realistic CGI, hand drawn narrative pieces and motion graphics.

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The West African Ebola epidemic in 2014 was the most devastating outbreak of infectious disease this century, leaving tens of thousands of people dead. The following year saw the traumatic rise of the Zika virus in South America. Both of these diseases are caused by viruses that jump the barrier between animals and humans, with terrifying results. Spillover – Ebola, Zika and Beyond is a one-off PBS special that delves into the heart of this unsettling story.

The film was produced by regular Jellyfish collaborators, Tangled Bank Studios, who asked us to create microscopic viral sequences, animated drama sequences and map graphics.

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Our motion graphics team showed their usual versatility and imagination, blending photoreal, microscopic imagery, hand drawn illustration and richly detailed motion graphics.

With a lot of information already known about the origins of Ebola, our team used hand drawn animation to tell the various stories of individuals from patient zero to other victims that succumbed to the illness.

To locate the various hotspots of the outbreak, a striking motion graphics style was adopted for the maps using real topography and stylised 3d maps to ground the viewer in reality.

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News & Doc Emmy Nomination

Outstanding Art Direction and Graphic Design