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Sofaworks - Neal

Release Date
November 2015

To support the rebranding of CSL to Sofaworks with the creation and animation of the company’s mascot, Neal the Sofaworks Sloth.

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Neal the Sloth was the cornerstone of TBWA’s television campaign introducing the recent re-brand of CSL to Sofaworks. Neal was to embody the requirements of a typical customer - he’s a laid back, friendly sloth, and in typical sloth-like fashion loves to settle in, snuggle up and sleep on the sofa.

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Integrated into live-action backplates, it was important to the campaign that Neal’s movement and facial expressions exuded pure comfort, showcasing the relaxing properties of Sofaworks products. A Jellyfish Pictures Supervisor attended the on set shoot, which took place in Manchester, capturing the performance of the stand in actor who eventually became Neal. To create his lustrous fur, Jellyfish Pictures' CG team built a bespoke fur system using Strands in ICE, a Softimage plugin.

To date, Jellyfish Pictures has worked on over 20 campaigns with Neal, including Christmas 2013, Gogglebox sponsorship, the company's Easter campaign and their Christmas 2014 campaign. Not bad for a guy who spends most of his time hanging upside down and sleeping.