Race for the Whitehouse 3

Race for the White House

Title sequence
Release Date
6th March 2016

Direct, design and animate the title sequence for a six-part TV documentary series for CNN.

Race for the Whitehouse 4

The President of the United States of America is considered the most powerful position in the world. CNN’s new series Race For the Whitehouse asks what candidates are prepared to do to gain their seat in the Oval Office.

The answer is… pretty much anything.

Race for the Whitehouse 1
Race for the Whitehouse 5

Jellyfish Pictures were commissioned by Raw TV to create a title sequence for Race For The White House, a series that revisits dramatic US election battles in all their back-stabbing glory!

After their collaboration on the much-lauded title sequence for The Widowmaker, Jellyfish’s Creative Director Tom Brass teamed up with the award winning motion designer Dave Penn to come up with a sequence that conveyed the personalities, the drama and the dirty tricks of the electoral process.

Race for the Whitehouse 2
Race for the Whitehouse 6

Using stark, black and white imagery and striking visual metaphors, the sequence is powerful piece of animated graphic design. Tom and Dave oversaw the audio, collaborating with Anne Nikitin, who wrote the score, which compliments the unease and deception the visuals so beautifully convey. The result is a stunning, stylish ride through the dark side of American politics.

Jellyfish Pictures also executed in-show visual effects and compositing work.