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FX Productions
TV series
Release Date
8th February 2017

Provide intricate CG and compositing services for the pilot episode of Legion, the first-ever TV series based on the Marvel's X-Men Comics.

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Legion is the first TV series connected to Marvel’s X Men film series. Our team worked on the pivotal moment when protagonist David Haller (Dan Stevens) has an encounter with a fellow psychiatric patient and is suddenly confronted with the possibility that there might be more to him then mental illness.

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This sequence involved a close up of CG lips coming together, appearing like colliding planets. Particles were composited into the shot to build on the collision effect. From this we go to three shots brought together with a complex transition effect where the viewer goes into David’s mind and memories. These shots involved creating a smooth and consistent moving track through his eye while racing through his memories. Additional particles were created to show the memories moving around until we reach the 'memory field'. From this shot we transition back to an upside-down clip, which includes a CG shock wave effect to emphasize David’s world now being turned upside down.

Jellyfish Pictures Portfolio Legion 08

In addition to this, we worked on the following sequence where David hits the floor and it appears the camera we’re viewing from falls through the ground. This involved constructing a CG tunnel for the camera to fall thru and bugs to help bring it to life. A matte painting was also created to tie the CG tunnel with the live footage of David hitting the floor.