Kingsman: The Secret Service

21st Century Fox
Feature Film
13th February 2015

Deliver VFX for two key sequences, involving holographic humans for a boardroom sequence with Colin Firth and Michael Caine, and the death scene of the villain’s striking side kick, Gazelle.

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Jellyfish Pictures worked on key scenes within the film, including the boardroom scene, where all ‘Kingsman’ come together in a hologram meeting, and the death of Gazelle, the blade legged assassin.

Tarran tie
Girl dying

Our CG department worked extensively on Gazelle’s death scene. Her death, caused by protagonist Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin’s poisoned wingtips, emits a toxic substance running through her veins. This visually manifests itself as a spreading green vein effect running up from her arm to her face, when she eventually collapses on the floor. This effect was completely done in Softimage.

Following her death, the camera then lingers on her blades. These were essentially a leg replacement with a CG model of the legs tracked in 3de and rendered in Arnold.