Factory Fifteen
17 min short film
Release Date
16th January 2013

To collaborate with Kibwe Tavares, the award-winning director of ‘Robots of Brixton’, on his new film, Jonah.

Jellyfish Pictures Portfolio Jonah 04
Jonah Jellyfish Pictures 3

Jonah is set in the fishing town of Zanzibar, the story of a changing man in a changing town. Aggressive tourism sparked through Jonah’s discovery of the world's biggest fish has caused the town and him to change beyond recognition. The town is now a glowing, tacky, money-making, wildly opportunistic beach town, which has abandoned its original fishing roots. As an old man, Jonah is ashamed of what his old fishing town has become and decides to hunt down the legendary fish and kill it, killing what it represents.

Our team brought their entire 3D prowess to bear on the task of creating the film’s anti-hero: the world’s biggest fish. As the film’s director is known for the creation of unique and emotive animation, we pulled out all the stops to realise his vision of Jonah’s nemesis. The task required design and modelling from Jellyfish, the highest quality 3D animation, rendering and seamless integration in 2D plates shot on location in the sea around Zanzibar.

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