Hanna Season 2

TV Series
Release Date

Additional post-production assistance to integrate a vast array of monitors, screens, laptops and mobile phones into shot plates as well as added extras such as grade correct scenes and seeping blood.

At the end of November 2019, Jellyfish Pictures were approached by the production team on Season 2 of Hanna for NBC and Amazon Studios to provide them with additional VFX assistance.

The first VFX show in the new Edge Studio in Brixton was a great test to see how quickly and efficiently Pipeline, Production and the VFX team could work together in setting up a show. The new office proved itself as an upgrade in the workability of the Jellyfish team as a whole.

It was a relatively small show for the comp team at just 30 shots, Jellyfish worked in tandem with Revolver AV who helped design and animate content for the array of monitors, screens and laptops and mobile phones seen in Hanna.

Using Nuke and Mocha, the team at Jellyfish Pictures were there to seamlessly integrate these into the shot plates, grade correct scenes for continuity plus add a few little additions like seeping blood.