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Floogals Seasons 1 - 3

Nevision / Universal Kids
52 x 11' Animated Children's Series
Release Date
8th October 2018

Having completed all CGI animation for Floogals since Season 1, Jellyfish are now close to completing 130 11 minute episodes of this award winning, top rated show for Univeral Kids and Nevision. The fast pace of episodic animation means turning over an episode a week when in full production of this uniquely complex live action and CG integrated kids series. The show needed to have universal appeal and is shown all over the world including on Milkshake in the UK.

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With the great success of season one and two, recognised as the highest-rated show on NBC Sprout, the Jellyfish Pictures team were back in action for season three of the pre-school hit Floogals, now having delivered over 130 episodes. Each episode continues to follow the three curious aliens, Fleeker, Flo and Boomer. At just four-inches tall, we join these comical and tiny alien characters in their discovery of Planet Earth.

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In what seems all too familiar and commonplace for us adult ‘hoomans’, the tiny aliens take our audience of pint-sized ‘hooman’ explorers on a journey, discovering something new every day. Due to the aliens’ minuscule size, most of the action takes place on a macro scale showcasing the details of the world we take for granted. We shot the ‘hooman’ world in live-action with the Floogals lit and rendered photo-realistically and then meticulously comped into each backplate.

Great care is taken on set to record accurate scene data through HDRI information, proxies geometry and scale references using tiny 3D printed models of the Floogals themselves. The scenes are laid out in Maya to scale, followed by the animation of the Floogals. All objects the animated characters interact with are either puppeteered, with control objects that are removed later in comp or recreated in CG and rendered with the Floogals. Sometimes it is necessary to do both in the same sequence, which proved particularly challenging to achieve.

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The show makes use of our semi-automated pipeline, which has been built over the years to automate as much of the drudge work as possible, freeing up artists to use their creative talents more effectively. Modelling, layout, animation & lighting are all carried out in Maya. Rendering is achieved with V-Ray, compositing is done in Nuke and editing suites are based around Premiere.

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