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Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed

Beano Studios / CBBC
52 x 11' Animated children's series
Release Date
6th November 2017

Re-invent and launch the much loved British brand Dennis & Gnasher to a new generation using CGI.

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Joining the project at early stages of production, the Jellyfish Pictures Art Department, led by Ross Burt, Art Director on Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed, collaborated closely with the team at Beano Studios. At the time, the newly formed Beano Studios had defined Dennis’ new look and their general intentions for the character and his world, it was our job to sketch out the bigger picture and present it.

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Dennis and his trusty sidekick, Gnasher, are both iconic characters, in part due to their globally recognised striking visuals. When translating Dennis and his pals from 2D to 3D there were important elements our artists had to consider, all the while never losing the heart of what makes him Dennis. 2D Dennis for instance has no neck and his eyes are connected. These characteristics do not work in a 3D environment, which meant our team of designers had to work closely with the CG department to make the appropriate changes and present them to the client.

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Building on the titular characters, we conceived Dennis’ schoolmates and the rest of the cast, including JJ and Ruby, two female characters in the gang who are brand new to the Beanoverse, created especially for the show.

As well as the characters, we created around 10 key locations and 10 secondary ones, including the school, Dennis’ den, Dr Pflooflepeffer’s lab and many more.

Once the designs and models were created, our team of animators got to work. Breathing life into the characters and their environments.

Finally, our lighting and comp teams finished the project perfectly for the editors to deliver a smash hit show, reaching the number one ratings slot in its first week.

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Jellyfish have done an outstanding job and came up trumps in helping to make Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed the most popular kids show on UK television in its first week

Emma Scott, CEO, Beano Studios

British Animation Awards Nomination

Best Children's Series