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Deloitte - One Million Futures

Short Film
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To deliver a creative solution promoting Deloitte’s ‘One Million Futures’ campaign; the bank’s mission of providing access to education and employment.

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In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly set a collection of 17 global goals to achieve by 2030, known as the Sustainable Development Goals. In that year, Deloitte was launching their ‘One Million Futures’ project that aligned with the UN’s goals, with a strong focus on Goal 4: Quality Education and Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. One Million Futures aims to provide increased access to education and employment to one million people. Deloitte partnered up with over 50 influential social enterprises, charities, and schools to achieve their notable goal. To mark the launch of their project, Deloitte was seeking a creative approach to a short film that represented their prospect of offering a helping hand to people in need all over Britain.

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Exploring lots of avenues on how this short film could convey Deloitte's intentions, our creative team eventually landed on one of the earliest and most magical pieces of animation equipment: a zoetrope. Pre-dating film, zoetropes are mechanical devices that, when spun, create simple animated loops. The first task our team now faced was to find a solution for recreating an authentic feeling zoetrope and how to use its archaic technology to tell Deloitte’s story.

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To achieve this result we thought outside the Jellyfish Pictures box and capitalised on our talented motion graphics team to design and build a stunning, multi-tiered, CGI zoetrope, featuring hundreds of individually animated characters.

Choreographing the action in a multi-layered zoetrope was both creatively and technically challenging, so meticulously storyboarding the sequence was essential. After several iterations of the animatic, we reached a visual sequence that flowed elegantly upwards, becoming progressively more impressive through each layer of the device. Once the shots were locked, the film was lit, textured and rendered with the latest GPU technology, giving the images a rich, optical gloss.

The final result is a beautiful, whimsical film that poetically describes the One Million Futures project and is best appreciated by simply watching the end product.