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Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall

10 x 30 minute children’s series
Release Date
13th June 2018

Catapult Steve Backshall and his Deadly Dinosaurs series back 65 million years, bringing high-end visual effects to children’s TV with CBBC’s latest installment of Backshall’s nail-biting series; Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall.

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Working collaboratively with BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit, Jellyfish Pictures created over 50 different species of photo-real dinosaurs, which were later integrated into live-action plates.

Each episode of Deadly Dinosaurs explores a different species’ strengths and weaknesses, rating their agility, hunting ability and special skills. The end result merges all the deadliest elements of each species, culminating in one hybrid super dinosaur. Due to the in-depth exploration of each dinosaur, Jellyfish Pictures was called on to design intricate details from bones to the close-up features of a large catalogue of dinosaurs, later drawing from these elements to create the deadliest dinosaurs of them all.

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As well as integrating photo-real dinosaurs into live-action environments, our team created dinosaur holograms for the in-depth educational segments of the episodes.

Jellyfish Pictures also worked on animated sequences with full CG environments, delivering sophisticated VFX ready to entertain and educate children on the extinct beasts that once roamed our earth.

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