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Bitz & Bob

44 x 11' Animated children’s series
Release Date
12th March 2018

To design, produce and direct the latest 3D animated children’s series for CBeebies.

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We worked closely with the BBC’s pre-school channel CBeebies to produce one of the broadcaster's first female-led children’s animated series. Bitz & Bob follows Bitz the girl engineer, and her younger brother Bob. Defining a new kind of girl power Bitz has a fascination and enthusiastic drive for inventive activities in S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). Bitz & Bob launched on BBC iPlayer and CBeebies fittingly in time for International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018.

Inspiring and empowering young children to journey on their own adventures, Bitz & Bob teaches children to utilise their ambitious mindset, with the sole-mission to “invent a way to save the day!”.

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Jellyfish Pictures were at the forefront in heading up the production, handling design, storyboarding, directing and animation.

Headed up by Jellyfish Pictures' series director, Kitty Taylor, the look had to reflect that of the colourful world Bitz, Bob and their sidekicks, Purl, Bevel, Zip and Pop inhabit. Art Director James Grant created a series of environments and characters for the show, all encapsulating the eclectic inventions Bitz has created.

Moving from the designs and storyboarding stages our asset, modelling and layout teams got stuck in. Working within the tight constraints of kids episodic animation the animators worked on three episodes at a time, breathing life into the characters and their surroundings.

When animated the sequences were handed over to our compositors and lighters who used the GPU renderer Redshift to finish the shots. We're very proud to have delivered a fabulous looking, ground breaking series that encourages a younger generation to get involved with S.T.E.A.M subjects.

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