Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Guiltology)

CNN / Nutopia
Title Sequence
Release Date
2nd June 2017

To create an engaging title sequence that evokes a sense of intrigue to the viewer, whilst revealing what the show is about.

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Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Guiltology) takes viewers inside the world of true crime investigation and cases that were ultimately solved by advances in forensics. The in-house team at Jellyfish Pictures conceived, directed and shot the award-winning sequence, incorporating microscopic footage and motion graphics to create a powerful blend of rapid dynamism and striking realism.

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Tom Brass, Jellyfish’s Creative Director, conceived and directed a sequence built from close-up imagery of objects familiar from police procedural stories: a microscope, a gun, a scalpel, a human body, etc… The plan was to cover these objects in frost as if they were frozen in a deep freeze. As the title sequence unfolded, the objects would thaw, slowly revealing their secrets.

In order to achieve this, Jellyfish used an innovative blend of photo-real CGI and real macro photography, all shot in-studio by the Jellyfish Pictures team, at sub-zero temperatures! The resulting blend makes for a stunning sequence that won a gold medal at the 2017 AEAF awards.


AEAF Winner

Gold Award Titles TV Series, MGFX, Best Motion Design


British Animation Awards Nomination

Best Film & TV Graphics