Neanderthal: Meet your Ancestors

Client: BBC/VIXPIX Films

Format: 2 x 60 minute documentary series

Release Date: 13th May 2018

Brief: Jellyfish Pictures created an entire methodology for the most scientifically accurate recreation of a Neanderthal head ever created.

Using Forensic Artist, Christopher Rynn’s forensic reconstruction as reference, Jellyfish Pictures designed and conceived the texture, styling rigging, facial weathering, sculpting, hair and adornments.

Jellyfish Pictures cast the actors, according to similarities in height and build of actual Neanderthals, going on to augment the actor’s bodies with prosthetics, replacing their faces with the photoreal CGI Neanderthal face.

In addition, Jellyfish Pictures worked closely with the Director Vikram Jayanti, storyboarding all animation and VFX sequences. Creative Director Tom Brass and VFX Supervisor Jon Park, directed and arranged all shoots required for VFX backplates, all of which were directed either in the studio or on location.


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