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When Whales Walked Nominated For an Emmy

Here at Jellyfish Pictures, we are celebrating the recent News & Doc Emmy nominations. The sort of email we all like to receive in our inboxes, our team who worked on PBS and Twin Cities’, When Whales Walked: Journeys in Deep Time, have been nominated for ‘Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction’.

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The team, led by Jon Park and Lucy Ward, provided 3D Graphics and CGI to effectively show the origins of species we know today by investigating their ancestors spanning over 60 million years. Our creative team worked directly with palaeontologists and scientists to create realistic depictions of extinct animals, never before imagined.

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The two-hour film shadows top scientists from across the globe in tracking clues and records of fossils to unveil evolutionary stories of these incredible beasts and the responsibility humans need to take. The film takes viewers on a journey with scientists from Abu Dhabi to Argentina, Kenya to China, discovering the evolutionary secrets and debunking myths of crocodiles, birds, elephants and walking whales.

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Nominated in the same category is CNN’s Style Origins, PBS’ The Planets, Netflix’s ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads and Netflix’s The Mind Explained.

Hard work and a little bit of imagination have surely paid off for the Jellyfish crew and team at PBS, we are truly overwhelmed to have a nomination. Congratulations to all those nominated – we can’t wait for, albeit a slightly different ceremony this year, and seeing friends and peers virtually.