The Mother's of Jellyfish

Working in the fast-paced industry of VFX and Animation, it is difficult to balance work and time at home with families. Today, in the United Kingdom we celebrate Mother’s Day by asking four of our hard-working mothers at Jellyfish Pictures; Jenny Lee, Producer; Sarah Tanner, HR Director; Lucy Ward, Producer and Natalie Llewellyn, Head of Development, what tips and tricks they use day-to-day, to juggle their job in animation with motherhood, and how this affects their lives. From writing lists to going on runs, our mums have plenty of advice for mothers-to-be and those returning to work after some time-out for maternity leave.

Returning to work after maternity leave is a difficult and “emotional” time, having to leave your child behind for the first time after spending months by their side, but as our Jellyfish mums have said, it can also be an exciting time to get back into the world of Animation and VFX.

We love making animation content for our young audiences here at Jellyfish Pictures, so we asked the Jellyfish mums if any of their little ones are fans of our shows… looks like we have kudos from the Jellyfish-babies for animation series 'Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!' and 'Bitz & Bob'.

“No day is going to be like any other”, “Talk to people you trust”, “Hang in there” – The mums give their advice on how to make it through when times get tough. They leave us with their valuable insight for working mums to speak with loved ones, colleagues and partners and to do the best you can in both your profession and as a parent – Remember… mum knows best!