The Guardian interviews Phil Dobree

The Guardian has published an article which states: "Leading lights from the fastest growing area of the economy say it relies on freedom of movement and, without access to overseas talent, it will wither." The piece features an interview with Jellyfish Pictures' CEO Phil Dobree and lead supervisor Manuel Reyes Halaby.

In the interview, Phil Dobree explained:

“We have EU animators, modelers, riggers, lighters, compositors, CG supervisors. All the key skill areas. From Spain, Italy, France; from junior to very senior. These people are difficult to train and extremely sought after.”

About half are contract workers. “Often, when you’re doing a short-term job – a commercial, a TV series – you need people for a month or two,” Dobree said. “Right now, we can fly them in pretty much the next day. So what happens after 2019?”


Phil Dobree Jellyfish CEO