Floogals 2

That's a Floogals Wrap!

And that's a Floogals wrap!

Last night all departments behind the curious and mischievous aliens of Floogals assembled to celebrate and say goodbye to the beloved series. Delivering over 130 episodes and working on the project for the entire three seasons, it was an emotional send-off, made all the more poignant with Floogals being the first episodic animation series Jellyfish Pictures welcomed through its doors.

The evening's event kicked-off at Market House in Brixton, with drinks and tasty finger food.

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Animator, Dayle Sanders, who has worked on all three seasons of Floogals, spoke about his time working on the show,

"I was running on season 1 mid-production, then I had the opportunity to grow into an animator at the start of season 2 and progressed further in season 3. To see the evolution of the project over three seasons and the development in myself has been an amazing experience. It has been both extremely fun and challenging. I am looking forward to my next Jellyfish Pictures opportunity." - Dayle Sanders, Animator

Animation Dayle Sanders Animator

Amongst the dancing, singing and laughing, there was toasting. Led by CEO, Phil Dobree and Head of 3D Animation, Denis-Jose Francois... with a somewhat questionable microphone we reminisced:

"A thing to note with Floogals is that it has a really complicated pipeline for an episodic fast-paced show. Not only does the animation have to be graded, but the lighting and the composition has a lot of challenges and technical difficulties from blending live-action with CG, then followed by quick turnarounds. Despite these challenges, throughout the entire series, the quality looks fantastic, and we've been doing that consistently from the beginning for 130 episodes, so we really do deserve a pat on the back!" - Phil Dobree, CEO

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"It's an amazing show we've done really well, as Phil said, we have built everything from the beginning. We never expected we would be able to work on the entire 3 seasons, delivering 130 episodes. The best part of this series is looking at the number of different people that have worked on this project, who've come straight from University and have worked their way up to become leads and supervisors or moved on to other companies, but they all started out here at Jellyfish Pictures in their first official job. So, congrats to the team, it has been an amazing experience." - Denis-Jose Francois, Head of 3D (Animation)

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Fleeker, Flo and Boomer it's been a blast and we will miss causing antics and creating havoc with you.

Pat on the back for team Jellyfish Pictures!