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Celebrating our Jellyfishers of the Month

Every month a team member is crowned Jellyfisher of the Month, the last four months has seen four Jellyfishers recognised for their hard work and dedication.

Super smiley superstar Suthan was the deserved recipient for February’s Jellyfisher of the Month. Possibly one of the most in-demand Jellyfishers, a mixture of Suthan’s stellar attitude, constant smile and tenacity when faced with hard deadlines, meant he was the runaway winner.

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March saw the ever helpful, Anthony Tang be thanked by his team for all his hard work. Anthony was bestowed the honour of Jellyfisher of the Month, through his excellent division of roles between studio runner and working on assets for Floogals, always with a smile on his face.

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Next we have Shannen! Starting two months ago as Brixton’s star studio runner, Shannen’s positive attitude has had an invaluable impact on her teammates, and all those that visit the studio. Her flood of nominations came in due to her proactive nature, can-do attitude and brilliant aptitude for multi-tasking – a must for when juggling the everyday tasks the studio and artists demand!

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And our most recent jewel of Jellyfish is Ellie Taylor-Goff. Production Coordinator on Floogals, her aptitude for keeping the project going and the artists motivated, has lead to the smooth running of the production. Always there to lend a helping hand, even when the job is way out of her remit.

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