Baby Shower Codie Loh Feb 14 2020 13

Surprise Jellyfish Pictures Baby Shower

We threw a surprise baby shower for Jellyfish Pictures Assets Producer and mum-to-be, Codie Loh, on her last day in the office before she ventures off into Motherhood beginning her maternity leave.

Codie baby 2

The boardroom (or as we like to call it, The Harbour) transformed into a baby shower dream, where Codie and fellow teammates took advantage of the delicious delicacies on offer from Brixton Village Market’s ‘Sponge and Cream’ cake shop. Babies on the mind, Jellyfishers took a step back in time to when they were sweet innocent babes themselves. In a game rather originally called ‘Guess the Baby’ members of the team had to guess which baby was their colleague in a past life.

Codie baby 3
Codie baby 4

We will miss Codie in the team, but we are over-the-moon for her to welcome her new-born. We can’t wait to meet her, and we have high hopes for a mini Producer in the making.

Codie baby 1