Jonathan cheetham

Sky News interviews animation & VFX studio Jellyfish Pictures

VFX and Animation studio Jellyfish Pictures, CEO, Phil Dobree and 2D supervisor Jonathan Cheetham were interviewed at Jellyfish Pictures’ two new virtual Animation and VFX studios in Oval for Sky news technology show 'SWIPE'.

Phil discusses the state of Animation and VFX in London, the history of Jellyfish Pictures, what happens post-Brexit and how the company and industry in the UK are preparing for it. Jonathan takes us behind the scenes to show some of the magic that Jellyfish Pictures uses to create the stunning VFX work that the studio has been involved in over the past year.

The item goes out Friday 17th Feb evening, Saturday 18th evening, and Sunday 19th across Sky News, Sky 1, Sky 2, Challenge, and Pick TV. Dependent on scheduling.

There will be another news item which will also air every hour from 06:00 until lunchtime on Saturday 18th morning.

The swipe version is available to view here.

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