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Sheffield Studio Welcome Party

With The Children’s Media Conference 2019 taking place in Sheffield, we took the opportunity to throw the ultimate Jellyfish Pictures after-party to celebrate our new Sheffield studio opening and the CMC yearly event. We exclusively hired out the Head of Steam and invited Universities and their students across the UK to join us on a night of networking with our team and our industry friends from CMC.

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Our first-ever studio expansion outside of London has widened our creative talent pool to the very heights of North England. We see this as a triumphant first for Jellyfish Pictures, not only for the great access to more talent but also for the creative industries as a whole. New technology has allowed us to expand outside of London, providing even more accessibility and we hope other creative industries will follow suit. Expansions to the North of England provides opportunities for the talent that live there and promotes a healthier work/life balance that London unfortunately, struggles to offer.

Our celebration didn’t end there, we teased in our invite that there would be a big secret reveal at the event, and scattered around the venue in the form of rebranded badges, banners and beer mats were slight giveaways as to what that might be. Our CEO was delighted to announce to our guests that after 20 years, Jellyfish Pictures is going through a makeover and all the guests at the event were the first ones to see a sneak peek of our new brand before our official launch at the end of the month.

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It was amazing to see such a large reception of students, graduates and young professionals joining us in the celebrations. They all got the chance to mingle with our newly appointed Head of Animation, Kevin Spruce who is heading up the Sheffield studio along with our CEO, Phil Dobree and a few other Jellyfish Pictures recruitment team members. It was the perfect night for those eagerly wanting to work in the industry and the night demonstrated the importance of creative companies spreading their wings outside of London.