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Piece of Cake

When our team isn’t hard at work bringing stories to life, they’re busy in the kitchen whipping up delicious treats. Peppermints, brownies, Nutella cupcakes and rocky road - our studios have seen them all this past month.

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Now, despite losing some artists to sugar-induced comas, we did manage to make some money for two worthy causes.

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The first, £155 for The Rainforest Trust in aid of the Brazilian Amazon fires. Superstar Animator, Kathrin Heller, led the team in organizing the fundraiser, impassioned by the fires tearing through the Amazon Rainforest.

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The second, we joined the rest of the country in celebrating Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. Our bakers and the sweet-toothed among us, raised £195 in total.

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Now we’re counting down the days till the next one. Our studio and team are fueled by cake and general sugary goodness, but more importantly, fueled by making a difference.

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