Cornelia Kucani Production Coordinator 1

November Jellyfisher of the Month

It’s been another successful year of sharing appreciation for our team with our monthly Jellyfisher of the Month award. Even though this year has seen us all working from home and being apart, there has been a stronger reliance on one another to help support, meaning even more reason to keep showing our gratitude for each other.

November is the final month for Jellyfisher of the Month for 2020, in December we have our extremely prestigious and world-wide recognised JellyAwards.

So, without further ado, the winner for the last 2020 Jellyfisher of the Month is Connie Kucani, Production Coordinator. Connie joined Jellyfish Pictures last October and has been a great asset to the Production team, gracing us with her top organisation and communication skills.

Cornelia Kucani Production Coordinator 1

Now, Connie Kucani is gaining another credit with us helping the Lighting Department’s production team for an animated feature film with DreamWorks Animation. Some of the comments mentioned by Connie’s peers include, ‘an actual luxury to work with’ and ‘for her friendliness and optimistic nature, which can help cheer the team up’. Congratulations Connie and thank you for all the wonderful efforts and lengths you go to ensure a smooth and happy running of the team.

Also, congratulations to all the below winners from 2020…

January: Natalie Le Berre, February: Federico Bernasconi, March: Suthan Vasanthan, April: Tom Feist-Wilson, May: Sharuddin Rosunally, June: Morten Krebs, July: Naima Sennah, August: Andres Coron, September: Hayden Adams, October: Tom Feist-Wilson and lastly November: Connie Kucani.