Neanderthal Close Up

Neanderthal: Meet Your Ancestors airs on BBC2

Jellyfish Pictures was incredibly proud to see its work on BBC 2 earlier this week in Neanderthal: Meet Your Ancestors. The two part series investigates the findings of recent science that Neanderthals are not the knuckle-dragging apemen of popular imagination. In fact they are our distant ancestors. About 2% of the DNA of most people is of Neanderthal origin - and it continues to affect us today.

Using Forensic Artist, Christopher Rynn’s forensic reconstruction as reference, Jellyfish Pictures designed and conceived the texture, styling rigging, facial weathering, sculpting, hair and adornments to create the most scientifically accurate neanderthal head to date.

You can still catch the series on BBC iPlayer here.

Neanderthal cg