Pub Quiz

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness week takes place during the middle of May, and usually pre-pandemic we would have been spreading awareness, appreciation, and donating altogether in the office. But this year, we had to get a little inventive, seeing as we're all dotted about the UK and the globe remote working from our homes. So, with a little bit of brainstorming, many of our staff and mental health champs embraced the task ahead and organised a fantastic week full of activities.

2 6 Challenge group

On Monday, our Leadership Team announced the 2.6 challenge with a video of the Leadership Team sharing their activities to inspire our staff and artists to take part in this challenge. Michelle David, Finance Director, shot 26 basketball hoops in a nail-biting 2 minutes and 36 seconds. Our Director of Operations, Matthew Bristowe rode a sweaty 26 miles on his exercise bike. This challenge was in aid of the charity Mind, which Jellyfish Pictures offered to double whatever sum was raised. We managed to raise an amazing £853, smashing the £750 target. Because we like round numbers, Jellyfish not only doubled this but rounded it up to £2000!

The second day, our mental health champion, Gemma Nesvik, encouraged our team to grab their aprons and start baking! Gemma suggested to share our baked goods, with neighbours, friends and family, but also with ourselves for some self-love as you deserve a sweet treat too.

Bake Off Collage 2020

Oh, how we do miss socialising at the pub after work at Jellyfish. But, fret not! Producer, Bryan Ryan brought the pub to us with an organised Pub Quiz hosted on Teams. Testing our movie and pop culture knowledge, with Sophie Robertson winning a delicious Kensington Tea Hamper. It was great to once again socialise outside of work hours and have some fun!

Probably, our favourite day of the week was Friday. Luke Tucker launched a Jellyfish Kindness and Appreciation channel on our company-wide Teams account. We shared some love, support and kind words to our fellow Jellyfishers to brighten up someone's day and show our appreciation for each other's contribution.

Pub Quiz

As UK lockdown continues and we enter another week indoors, it is more important than ever for us all to check in with ourselves and our teammates to ensure we are being mindful. At Jellyfish Pictures, mental health is treated in the same regard as any physical health issue and we believe this should be the same across all companies.