Planet Dinosaur capture 14

Look Back on Planet Dinosaur 11 Years On

There are many projects a studio can look back on and recognise how it changed the company forever. As we continue to celebrate Jellyfish’s 20th birthday, we continue to get nostalgic and take a look at those milestone projects. The first video saw our team speak on their epic time on Jellyfish’s first dabble with the Jedi on Lucasfilm’s ‘Star Wars: Rogue One'. We really can’t talk milestones without digging up memories from the prehistoric ages with BBC’s ‘Planet Dinosaur'. Jellyfish Pictures’ work on Planet Dinosaur garnered plenty of recognition back in 2011 leading to the many more success stories to come.

A hefty 11 years on, a few Planet Dino Jellyfishers are still part of the family and we grouped them up to have a look back on the memories, favourite shots, and most challenging moments from working on the show with the BBC in-house. Featuring the Jellyfish Pictures veterans’ Creative Director, Tom Brass, Founder and CEO, Phil Dobree, and Senior Animator, Chris Seed.