Pipeline Tom Feist Wilson Lead Pipeline TD

Jellyfisher of the Month Round-Up of Winners

Even though we’re all jotted around the world, we still remain a tight-knit-team. One of the ways we celebrate our team members is our monthly Jellyfisher of the Month award. Every month, Jellyfishers acknowledge colleagues accompanied with a reason why their nominee has been absolutely fabulous, going above and beyond the call of duty that month. The winner gets revealed in our company-wide Forum chat with winners awarded with a special prize and £50 put in the Jellyfish charity pot on their behalf.

The month of August we awarded Andres Coron, an amazing Groom Artist who is working on an animated feature film with us. Andres was nominated by fellow teammates for being quick at his job, handling responsibility well, being very friendly and for being the Sonic amongst the Groomers. Well done Andres!


Congratulations go to Hayden Adams for winning September’s Jellyfisher of the Month. Hayden is a 3D Generalist and has been recognised for his ability to jump into any task that has been given to him, excelling both technically and creatively. Hayden has made some massive contributions to our work with Unreal Engine and to the way we'll be using it in the future!


The spooky month of October’s Jellyfisher of the Month has well and truly cast a Halloween spell to win for the third time. However, Tom is a very deserving winner, and even with luck on his side, he is continuously recognised every month for his tireless efforts in heading up the Pipeline team. Though we might need to leave his name out from the next draw to even the playing field.

Pipeline Tom Feist Wilson Lead Pipeline TD