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Jellyfish talks working on Star Wars: The Last Jedi in 3D World

In an article called Stepping Up to Star Wars, which features in the February 2018 edition of 3D World, Jellyfish's VFX Supervisor Jonathan Cheetham and VFX Producer Tom Seed talked about the work we did on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

An excerpt from the piece reads: [Jonathan] points out, a little ruefully, that a lot of the team's best work on the picture will be invisible - but only because that was exactly what they were aiming for. "The big thing for us, the main technical challenge, was making it absolutely indistinguishable from what was actually in camera and there wasn't any VFX in that sequence. And that's the aim."

VFX Producer Tom Seed also explained in the piece: "Having set up a similar pipeline on Rogue One, though, I think we were slightly ahead of the game as far as ILM was concerned."

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