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Jellyfish Pictures Take on FMX

Jellyfish Pictures were out in force with the rest of the VFX and animation industry this May, for VFX and animation conference FMX. Head of 3D (VFX), Dave Cook, Creative Director, Tom Brass and Head of PR and Communications, Charlie Watson, were joined on stage by Director, Rupert Wyatt to discuss the studios work on Rupert’s film Captive State. The team presented to over 300 people, discussing how we took on Rupert’s vision, seeing it through to concept art and eventually making it work for the big screen in CG.

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Elsewhere in the recruitment hub, production co-ordinator Ellie Taylor-Goff and Jellyfish Pictures’ Head of Talent, Ambra De Tuglie manned our booth where we spoke with hundreds of potential Jellyfishers eager to join our team.

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