Jellyfish 017

Jellyfish Pictures' Statement on Coronavirus

At Jellyfish Pictures the welfare of our staff is of the upmost importance to us, and our priority in this time of uncertainty. Whilst Covid-19 poses a threat to many companies across the world, thanks to the early investment in virtual technologies made at Jellyfish Pictures we have been able to strategise to ensure the continued smooth running of the studio, whilst prioritising the safety of our staff during these tumultuous times.

As the UK enters the ‘delay’ phase, operating in a fully virtual world means that we are able to send artists home, where they have full access to the Jellyfish infrastructure via PCoIP into our tier 1 datacentre, causing minimal disruption to projects. Further strengthened with a virtualised, tried and tested shot management and communications protocol we are able to adapt to the crisis now facing us.

By the end of next week, we will have 150 artists and support staff working from home, with a view to having the whole company set up and working remotely by the end of the following week.

For TPN required projects, we have spoken to security auditors to ensure all our artists working on those projects are completely compliant within the TPN guidelines.

In a bid to keep everybody safe and minimise any threat the coronavirus poses to our team, as well as deliver our clients’ projects with the same duty of care as always, Jellyfish Pictures is taking the necessary steps, ones we would not have been prepared for had we not futureproofed the studio by investing in a virtualised set up. Thanks to this we remain operating ‘business as usual’ with we hope best health and protection for all our valued staff.