Jellyfish Pictures open first high tech virtual VFX office in Oval

Our new offices at The Oval opened to new staff on November 7th, after 5 months of hard work, extensive building and refurbishment. The first major production to be housed there will be the Cbeebies/Freemantle co-production of the animated series Bitz and Bob. Designed and directed by Jellyfish the whole team for this show have now moved to the Oval to start work.

With the technology and support from our partners at Teradici, Pixit sytems, Exponential E and Dell we’re very proud to announce the office will be run like a virtual studio with all the hardware (apart from monitors) being based out of our Brixton Studio. A dedicated 10 gigabyte line has been installed between the offices and with special caching and configuration we are able to operate out of the Oval with a team of over 60 without any lag in performance or speed.

Jellyfish CEO Phil Dobree says “I’m incredibly proud of my team for showing that we don’t just talk innovation, but we actually make it happen. This office is running on incredible technology and to be able to open an office in the VFX sector that require no computers on premises is something people talk about – but we’ve actually done it”.

The connectivity between the 3 studios means we are virtually all operating out of one studio even if geographically we’re in three different spots in London. This gives us ultimate flexibility to set up offices where and when we need them, without the usual constraints of central London office space and the technical overheads and road blocks applied by working in VFX and animation with huge file sizes needing to be transferred. Jellyfish now has now brought up it’s capacity to 170 artists enabling us to work on multiple projects into the foreseeable future. But what’s even better is that we can now really go beyond this number with confidence using our virtualised setup.

Oval 2