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Jellyfish Pictures at 20 - Walk Down Memory Lane with Anna Glover

The 20th birthday celebrations continue and we get ever more nostalgic as Lighting Lead and longtime Jellyfisher, Anna Glover, takes us on her walk down memory lane.

What is your Jellyfisher role?

Lighting Lead

When did you join Jellyfish and how has it changed in that time?

I joined April 2017. When Jack Bromhead was my boss. We were in Coldharbour Lane and went out for amazing lunches all the time.

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What are your top three projects you’ve worked on whilst at Jellyfish and why?

Floogals Season 3 was very special to me, it was my first time as Lead, I’d just come out of the hospital, but because of the team and the support of the higher-ups, it ended up being a brilliant time all around. Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed! season 2 was also fantastic. We jelled so well as a lighting team it was more like being in a band. Dennis and Gnasher season 1 was like being a university student again - there was a lot of banter and we were socially active ALL the time.

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What has working at Jellyfish taught you?

Basically, everything I know about 3D has been gleaned from the brilliant people who work here.

What makes you love working at Jellyfish?

I love working at Jellyfish because I love the Jellyfishers - A LOT

What’s your favourite Jellyfish memory?

I have lots of fav jellyfish memories! I remember one evening in Coldharbour lane we picked lemons from the garden to have with our tequila. Also going with the whole Dennis S2 lighting team to see Matilda after work was really special. The Christmas party is a massive highlight - particularly Karaoke. But I think the BEST karaoke was the Jellyfish birthday party - where Tom Web-Tintern graced the stage in a pink wig to sing Material Girl - despite not knowing how most of the song went. But I think my favourite time is when everyone surprised me with kazoos and cake for my birthday on Floogals Season 3. Denis-Jose Francois took me into a room with Robin Rhee to have an unnecessary meeting about a difficult episode while everyone got ready - it was hilarious!


What makes you excited about Jellyfish’s future?

I think Jellyfish have such beautiful projects under their belt now - I reckon we could become a go-to for animated feature film and television.