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Jellyfish Pictures at 20 - A Walk Down Memory Lane with Zoe Lane

In the next of our Memory Lane interviews we're hearing from Modeller, Zoe Lane. As we continue to celebrate 20 years of Jellyfish, Zoe takes us on her journey from the very beginning to her favourite memories and hopes for the future.

What is your Jellyfisher role?

Character Artist.

When did you join Jellyfish and how has it changed in that time?

I joined Jellyfish Pictures in 2016, when I joined it was primarily VFX based alongside TV series animation and it’s now playing its part in live-action and animated feature films which is super exciting for me to be a part of!


What has working at Jellyfish taught you?

Working at Jellyfish has allowed me to meet some truly inspiring artists on various projects across the years. These people have all taught me different ways of working, techniques to increase my knowledge base and also different ways of viewing your own art and how to critique yourself to become a better artist.

What are your top three projects you’ve worked on whilst at Jellyfish and why?

My top three projects would be Bitz & Bob, Spirit Untamed and an unreleased Dreamworks Feature Film. Bitz & Bob because it was my first series, and we had a great team and friendly environment to work in, some of the team I'm still close friends with today! Spirit was my first feature where I got to spend my whole time primarily on Characters which is my passion so that was great, and the unreleased feature because I love the unique art style, but I guess we’ll see that when it comes out!

Spirit Untamed 1
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What’s your favourite Jellyfish memory?

My favourite memory of Jellyfish pictures was the first Christmas Party I went to in 2016. We wore reindeer antlers and sang karaoke all night whilst eating mini burgers. What’s not to like!

What makes you love working at Jellyfish?

Jellyfish has a really strong sense of team support, and work ethic. I really enjoy being part of a company that’s so passionate about the work it creates and strives to create the highest possible quality when given any opportunity, whether it be TV, VFX or Feature Animation.

Zoe Lane

What makes you excited about Jellyfish’s future?

Jellyfish has progressed so much in the last few years and that makes me very excited for the future, the fact that it’s accomplished so much in a short time makes me look forward to the bigger projects and more characters!