Jellyfish Pictures at 20 - A Walk Down Memory Lane with Luke Dodd, Director of VFX

In celebration of our 20th Birthday, we have launched a ‘Walk Down Memory Lane’ series with talent who have been a big part of the Jellyfish journey. Kicking off the very first of the video editions is Director of Animation and VFX, Luke Dodd. Luke joined Jellyfish in 2010 as a 2D Supervisor on ‘Planet Dinosaur’ and since then has been instrumental to the many VFX and animation projects brought in.

From building relationships with up-and-coming directors to pushing our VFX pipeline to new realms, Luke has played a big part in Jellyfish’s growth, opening the doors to the world of animation in 2014. In this video, Luke looks back on the history of Jellyfish Pictures’ projects, shares his proudest moments, and what gets him out of bed in the morning and straight into the studio.