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Jellyfish Pictures at 20 - A walk down memory lane with Andrew Muir

For our next Memory Lane interview, we have Andrew Muir telling us about his seven years of experience working as an animator for Jellyfish. Andrew has been a large part of the company's 20 year journey, even receiving an Annie nomination on the way...!

What is your Jellyfisher role?

I’m a senior animator at Jellyfish.

When did you join Jellyfish and how has it changed in that time?

I very first joined Jellyfish back in 2014 just as the first Brixton studio on Coldharbour Lane was opening and the Animation branch was getting going. I’ve come and gone a couple of times within the years but seeing how far Jellyfish Animation has come on within that relatively short time is crazy!

What are your top three projects you’ve worked on whilst at Jellyfish and why?

My top projects would have to be Bitz & Bob, the HTTYD: Homecoming special and the film we have just completed. With each of these projects I’ve done something new and a little daunting but Jellyfish taking the chance on me each time allowed me to achieve some real career highlights. Being a team lead on Bitz, the Annie nomination on Homecoming and getting stuck in on my first feature have all brought me a great sense of achievement. Not to mention the amazing team on each project!

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What has working at Jellyfish taught you?

Jellyfish has taught me loads. My first industry job was on Floogals Series 1 at Jellyfish so the first couple of years I absorbed everything I could from learning efficient ways to animate, how to work in a professional pipeline with different departments and how to be a useful part of the process! I’m always picking up new things along the way and all the challenging and varied projects we do here help me do that.

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What makes you love working at Jellyfish?

I really love the team atmosphere at Jellyfish. No matter the project I always know the team of fellow artists around me will support each other and become a tight-knit group. I have lots of great memories of all the teams I’ve worked with at Jellyfish.

What’s your favourite Jellyfish memory?

Hmm one favourite memory is hard... Maybe the Friday lunches during Floogals Series 1 with the team, exploring the tastes of Brixton and eating seemingly bottomless Pad Thais at YumD (which is sadly no more!). These were usually followed by an afternoon working through the desire to sleep with full stomachs and an inevitable trip across the road to the Dogstar at the end of the day to celebrate the coming weekend! We also did a lot of dress up days and bake-offs in that time which were always fun!

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What makes you excited about Jellyfish’s future?

I think Jellyfish’s ambition excites me most. They’re always pushing to work on the best projects and creating work we can all be proud of. Their ambitions of a more flexible working life through remote access and maintaining focus on the importance of personal and mental health is really encouraging and I’m looking forward to seeing how they continue to develop these.