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Jellyfish featured in Bloomberg Businessweek

Jellyfish Compositor Chiara Costantino and CEO, Phil Dobree both featured in an online article for Bloomberg Businessweek on 15 Dec, 2017. The article called: "The Force is Strong in British Film. Brexit Opens the Dark Side" explained the challenges facing the UK VFX and animation industry due to Brexit.

Chiara Costantino Compositor
Phil Dobree Jellyfish CEO

According to the article: Chiara Costantino moved to London from her native Italy four years ago seeking a job as a computer effects artist for films. Today she works at an animation shop called Jellyfish Pictures where she most recently created explosions and the Millennium Falcon’s jumps to light-speed in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” the likely blockbuster that opened this week. Even though she’s prospered from the move, Costantino says that after Britain voted to leave the European Union, she wouldn’t recommend that friends follow her. “I don’t tell people to come,” says the 30-year-old with dyed-white hair and a nose-ring. “I can’t assure them it will be the same as when I got here.”

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