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Sheffield Animation Studio Expands

Exciting news from Jellyfish HQ! Almost nine months on since our first out-of-London office opening, Jellyfish Pictures has expanded its Sheffield based VFX and Animation operations to meet the demands of our ever-growing team. The new facility, which has more than doubled in size in the past three months is situated in the city center within the state-of-the-art Wizu Workspace. Animation Director, Kevin Spruce, will be overseeing the animation team, with a Hollywood animated feature film currently in production.

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Following the announcement in December that Jellyfish Pictures has become the largest virtual VFX and Animation facility in the world, the latest addition also operates in a completely virtual environment. It is through investing in these innovative virtual technologies the expansion was able to happen so economically and efficiently. Operating in a completely PC over IP environment, all technology and pipeline is housed in a centrally based co-location in Hayes. The studio can virtualise its distributed workstations through Teradici’s remote visualisation solution; allowing for total flexibility and scalability.

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Phil Dobree, CEO, Jellyfish Pictures, says of the expansion, “Recognising Sheffield as an area that held great potential for growth in the VFX and Animation industries led to the opening of Jellyfish Sheffield early last year. It’s an incredibly proud moment for me, now, to announce our further expansion in the North of England. For it to come about so drastically and quickly, only confirms the hunger for a larger Creative Industries presence outside of London, of which we are committed to cultivating.”

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Dobree continues, “None of this would have been able to happen without Jellyfish Pictures’ continued investment in pushing the boundaries of virtual technologies. The ability to ramp up as needed and easily move to a bigger facility has been of invaluable worth. Casting off the constraints of our on-premise infrastructure has allowed us to not only remain agile and scalable when taking on projects but also allows us to put talent first. This technology has enabled us to reach new heights, and I can’t wait to see where the next steps take us.”

The relocation is another step in the thriving Jellyfish journey, and we are excited for the continued growth and future for all our studios.