Guide to Working From Home

In these unprecedented times, it is safe to say we are all adapting to a new normal. At Jellyfish Pictures, all our staff are working from home to protect their wellbeing and health against the global pandemic of coronavirus. Whilst the idea of working from home might have once seemed like an exciting chance to work from your sofa or have more time to lie in, in reality, it is an environment where the boundaries of work and home collide. This can be detrimental to both one's motivation and mental health.

Jellyfish Pictures are not the only company in this boat. Companies worldwide are having to adapt to this way of working with little to notice. That’s why we've put together a guide for working from home to settle yourself into the new norm. We hope that not only our team at Jellyfish Pictures can take something away from this guide, but for you and your team also.

Wfh journal

Get dressed

Staying wrapped up nice and cosy in our dressing gown with our furry slippers on, admittedly, sounds like dreamwork attire. It has however been proven that avoiding the pyjama temptation and getting dressed as if you were working in the office will increase your productivity. It will kick start your morning with the right mindset to and help break those home/work boundaries.

Set a schedule

Whilst you are working from home it is important you keep to your usual business operating hours. During these uncertain times, it may be difficult for some people who have children to care for or other dependents to stick to their normal working hours. If this is the case, make sure you let your team know about your new hours. If you have children, parents or housemates that are pining for your undivided attention, it might be best to let them know the times of your breaks. Also, be sure to let them know of any video/call meetings you are in, to avoid any unwanted guests appearing in the background!

Take breaks

It might surprise you to find out that you’re finding it harder to pull yourself away from the screen, whilst working at home. Or maybe you are struggling to shut your computer off at the end of the day and find yourself continuing to work through to the evening. Don’t fall into this trap. It is important for your own well-being to unplug occasionally. Take your usual lunch break, read a book, sketch some doodles, and if possible, keep offline.

Move your Body

Our global step count is depreciating fast. No more commuting, no more running between meeting rooms/offices and less walking about outside for lunch. This lack of everyday exercise will negatively influence our mindfulness, so consider the need to move around. Here are a few useful tips:

Keep connected

Isolation at home doesn’t mean we all are summoned to become social recluses; it is just about finding new ways to stay connected with your loved ones. Maintaining connections to colleagues, friends and families is vital in ensuring a positive approach to working from home. Now more than ever is the time to get into video chatting, phone calls, and group chats.

Who knows, maybe once this has all blown over, we might put some of these working from home tips into our future office schedules. This experience, although daunting, could be a chance to learn new ways of connecting, collaborating, and learning new skills. Happy working from home and keep safe, from the team at Jellyfish Pictures!